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You know that l’Altre International Performing Arts and Mental Health Festival is coming soon to Barcelona to celebrate 10 years! Take your calendar and save the dates, from May 31 till June 2 in recinte Fabra i Coats!

And if you want to connect with the arts and the mental health, we would like to share with you the FE-ARTY project’s result which we were working together with our 3 partners, from Greece, Italy and Portugal.

We learnt a lot, we ate a lot, we got lost, we discussed, we walked through the last two years all of the 4 teams, learning together, and now we share with you the last part of the project. We hope that you will enjoy it and see you in a few weeks in l’Altre Festival to celebrate 10 years together!

Poder nutrirse de lo de fuera,
y poder nutrir al afuera con lo que una lleva dentro.”
Laura Bermejo, Fundació Vidal i Barraquer.

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Meanwhile you are unpacking your summer suitcase, we are starting to pack it to start a trip around Europe in the last quarter. To meet, learn and share ideas about culture, mental health, art therapy and youth. Here is our itinerary. Let’s see if we meet you on the road.

  • 1st stop: PERUGIA (Italy) within the framework of the European project FEARTY as one of the partner entities to get to know the festival of the coordinating entity ISPS Italy – from August 31 to September 4.
  • 2nd stop: BRUSSELS (Belgium) in collaboration with Voices of Culture. A meeting with 53 cultural entities by speaking about culture, mental health and youth – from October 4 to 5.
  • 3rd stop: ATHENS (Greece) to get to know the EDRA entity and its Art4more festival, one of the partner entities of the FEARTY project from October 13 to 17.
  • 4th stop: BRUSSELS (Belgium) We return to close the conversations with Voices of Culture on December 8.


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“My name is mandla. It means power. I gave it to myself.”

Writer and performer mandla rae has a selective memory and is scrambling to piece together a life mostly forgotten in the name of survival. Through the exploration of mandla’s fragmented asylum and migration memories, as british as a watermelon asks questions about belonging, trauma and forgiveness.

Told through an unflinching autofiction narrative weaving poetry and storytelling, set within a chaotically colourful, sensory performance space made entirely for the camera with filmmaker Graham Clayton-Chance; you are invited to watch as mandla rises from the dead to reclaim a misplaced power.

mandla rae is a queer Zimbabwean writer, performer and curator. mandla is agender and has no pronouns. mandla’s work typically explores an intersectional existence enforced on the artists’ body as a result of the world we live in. mandla has been commissioned by many organisations across the country including the BFI, Journeys Festival International and Hope Mill Theatre to make written works. mandla is an Associate Artist for Outbox Theatre.