FE-ARTY documental

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FE-ARTY documental

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You know that l’Altre International Performing Arts and Mental Health Festival is coming soon to Barcelona to celebrate 10 years! Take your calendar and save the dates, from May 31 till June 2 in recinte Fabra i Coats!

And if you want to connect with the arts and the mental health, we would like to share with you the FE-ARTY project’s result which we were working together with our 3 partners, from Greece, Italy and Portugal.

We learnt a lot, we ate a lot, we got lost, we discussed, we walked through the last two years all of the 4 teams, learning together, and now we share with you the last part of the project. We hope that you will enjoy it and see you in a few weeks in l’Altre Festival to celebrate 10 years together!

Poder nutrirse de lo de fuera,
y poder nutrir al afuera con lo que una lleva dentro.”
Laura Bermejo, Fundació Vidal i Barraquer.

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