The Altres


Everyone has the right to belong to the cultural world as creators, performers, spectators or any other chosen roll. The cultural world should not lose the richness of all of those voices usually underestimated.
Every year the Festival produces one show that combines the collaboration of well known performing arts professionals and persons with or without mental health issues.


Galea de pellos

A collective creation based on texts written by members of the Matissos Association and directed by four artists: Cabosanroque, Sonia Gomez, David Climent and Jordi Aspa.


Gallos de pelea

A show created by Matissos Association and cabosanroque. “They are already here, like fighting cocks, they are already here, another day and another day”. The sounds and syllables, before the words, become little steps.


Micro teatre

The micro theater circuit allows the spectators to connect with the various hidden spaces in the theater. Directed by LaMent Teatral.


Retalls de soledat

The stories told in the first person by means of improvisation and dramatic play are the basis of the artistic creation directed by Toni Mira.



Il tavolo della Concert(o)aziones, a theatrical-musical performance springs from the desire to face the subject matter suggested by the title. Directed by Stalker Teatro.últim-sopar00-scaled.jpg


L’últim sopar

It’s Christmas and we are in June. How nice is Christmas…The show starts with the question “What does it mean to be normal?”. Directed by Marta Carrasco.