The Altres


Welcome to l’Altre Performing Arts and Mental Health International Festival


1st edition

Four days full of theater, dance, music and circus to discover what l’Altre Festival is.


2nd edition

On that year we arrived at the Mercat de les Flors for a unique experience.


3rd edition

From June 8 to 11 the Fabra I Coats facility was filled with theatre, dance, music, circus and participants from all over to offer more than 25 performances.


4th edition

Manresa and Barcelona were the two sites of the most international edition.


5th edition

We celebrated our 5th edition by crossing the ocean. We started at Rosario in Argentina and ended up back in Barcelona.


6th edition

“If fish can fly, culture can come closer to everything”. Let’s transform the stages and concentrate on where we were needed most in these difficult times.


7th edition

In order to forget for a short period of time about viruses and pandemics, more than 30 shows were programed that year.


8th edition

More than 35 shows were programed in this year.


9th edition

Nine editions and this one, again, more than 35 performing shows at 6 different spaces.